Button given farcical grid penalty that he will never serve


Jenson Button's Monaco Grand Prix in a nutshell: He came, he saw, he caused a crash and received a penalty he will never serve.

The former world champion returned to Formula One and McLaren for Monte Carlo with Fernando Alonso taking on the Indianapolis 500.

There was a sense of fun about Button's entire weekend. He qualified ninth but jokingly lambasted Alonso after he was moved to the back of the grid, and then the pit lane, over penalties that the Spaniard had helped to accrue.

However, Button's race ended in more serious circumstances, as he dived down the inside of Pascal Wehrlein at Portier and a collision left the Sauber tipped on its side and the German trapped inside.

The collision also snapped Button's suspension, with Wehrlein describing the veteran's move as "silly", after revealing he will need further tests, having missed races this season due to a serious neck injury.

But the incident was layered with farce post-race as the FIA handed Button a three-place grid penalty "for his next race this season" - despite the Brit making clear that he has no interest in taking to F1 again.