Button did not initially like the feel of new McLaren


Jenson Button will make a one-off return to Formula One at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend and has admitted he did not like the new McLaren initially.

Former world champion Button moved into an ambassadorial role at McLaren after last season, with Stoffel Vandoorne partnering Fernando Alonso for the 2017 campaign.

However, Alonso has opted to take part in the Indianapolis 500 rather than compete in Monte Carlo, paving the way for the 37-year-old to return.

After some initial concerns about the feel of the new car, Button is looking forward to taking part in one of his favourite race again following some adjustments.

"It's a great race to come back for, it was my home for 17 years, I've won in Monaco, I've had some great races in Monaco and it's a circuit where the car should work really well," said the 2009 world champion.

"I've been in the simulator this morning [Monday], did a bit of time a couple of weeks ago as well and so preparations are going well and understanding all the new systems and what have you with the car, because there are some things which are very different.

"In terms of the feel of the car, when I jumped in I initially didn't like the feel and this was before the updates, so we made some set-up changes and it feels much better and suited my style a lot more and with the updates it's pretty awesome to ride."

With the Monaco GP being a one-off for Button, he believes will be able to drive with a greater sense of freedom than he previously experienced.

"If I get to turn two and I'm feeling totally out of my depth then I'll just drive off into the sunset and not come back," he joked.

"It's not a problem, so I have no pressure."