If any team can do it, it's Wigan Warriors - Evander Holyfield inadvertently hails Super League side


Evander Holyfield made an unexpected foray into the world of rugby league on Sunday when a Twitter mishap saw him inadvertently sing the praises of Wigan Warriors.

The former heavyweight boxing champion - nicknamed The Warrior - was watching the Golden State Warriors as they made a slow start to the opening leg of their NBA play-off clash with the San Antonio Spurs.

However, his words of encouragement failed to find their intended target after Holyfield attached the wrong Twitter handle to his post.

This is how Holyfield's unlikely encounter with Wigan Warriors played out...

The Warriors of the Golden State variety did eventually fight back to win 113-111, having trailed 62-42 at the midway point, leaving Holyfield feeling validated in his misplaced praise.

And the explanation?

Put to Holyfield that he had intended to direct his comment at relegated Championship football club Wigan Athletic, Holyfield suggested he was now a fan of both teams.

So keep your eyes peeled for Holyfield at the DW Stadium in the near future!