Mets' Harvey admits being out past curfew following ban


New York Mets starter Matt Harvey admitted being out late over the weekend, the reason for not showing up to a game the following day.

The Mets suspended 2013 All-Star Harvey three days without pay for not reporting for Saturday's MLB game against the Miami Marlins.

He was not the scheduled starter but he missed his turn Sunday because of the suspension.

"All I can do is apologise for that, move forward, do everything I can to make sure it doesn't happen again -- and that's exactly what I'm going to do," Harvey said in a news conference on Tuesday.

"Obviously I've been embarrassed for my actions. I've been not very happy the last couple of days because of my actions, and I understand everybody's anger. The organization doing what they did, I completely understand. It's me who takes full blame for that and it's me who needs to fix it and move forward and make sure it never happens again."

He continued: "I understand in every way that [fans] can look at this situation, and it's completely my fault.

"I think people make mistakes. I think I've made another mistake. There are things that I have realised in the last couple days that I need to be doing ... and one of those is putting myself in a better place to perform physically, and be accountable for my work. That's something that I'm committing to."