Powell ready to legally challenge potential world record removal

Long jump world record holder Mike Powell says he will mount a legal challenge if proposals from European Athletics see his world record expunged.

On Monday, the European Athletics Council put forward proposals to wipe out all records which do not meet certain anti-doping criteria.

The Council suggested the milestones would only stand where the athlete in question had been "subject to an agreed number of doping control tests in the months leading up to the performance and the doping control sample taken after the record is stored and available for re-testing for 10 years".

With the IAAF only storing blood and urine samples since 2005, all records prior to that date could be expunged if the the global governing body agrees to European Athletics' proposals at a meeting in August.

Powell's long jump record of 8.95 metres - set in 1991 - would be removed in that scenario, and the American joined the likes of Paula Radcliffe and Jonathan Edwards in condemning the plans.

"I've already contacted my attorney," Powell told BBC World Service.

"There are some records out there that are kind of questionable, I can see that, but mine is the real deal. It's a story of human heart and guts, one of the greatest moments in the sport's history.

"They would be destroying so many things with this decision, without thinking about it. It's wrong. Regardless of what happens, I am going to fight."

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