Trubisky didn't see Bears selection coming


Mitchell Trubisky was just as stunned as the watching NFL world when the Chicago Bears traded up to draft him, having not heard from them for several weeks.

Trubisky had been tipped as a potential surprise top overall pick had the Cleveland Browns decided to pass on defensive end Myles Garrett.

But instead it was the Bears who swooped in for the North Carolina quarterback, trading a third-rounder and a fourth-rounder in this draft, as well as a 2018 third-round choice, to the San Francisco 49ers to move up one spot to take him.

"I didn't see that coming at all," Trubisky said in a conference call with the Chicago media. "I was surprised. I'm glad they came up and got me at number two. 

"I think it shows that they believe in me, and I believe in what [general manger] Ryan Pace and coach [John] Fox are doing in Chicago and I can't wait to be a part of it.

"I had one workout with them and then after that it was just pretty much silence. That's why I was surprised to hear my name called because we didn't have a lot of contact."

Trubisky started just 13 games in his collegiate career, but was quick to brush off talk of a lack of experience.

"I think I've had plenty of experience, starting 13 games but playing 30. I've been around a lot of football," he added. "I went to North Carolina for four years and was continually progressing and really I'm only scratching the surface.

"I'm going to progress my first year in Chicago as well and the sky's the limit for what I can do. I'll just work hard and take care of what I can."

The Bears made the move for Trubisky despite having signed Mike Glennon in free agency.

And Trubisky is ready to compete with the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer right away.

"I'm going to come in and learn as much as I can from Mike and the other veterans on the team," he said.

"I'm always going to compete and do my thing and push the guy in front of me and my team-mates as well. When given my opportunity, I'm looking forward to taking full advantage of it. It's all about helping the Chicago Bears win, and that's what I'm looking forward to most."