Joshua tips scales at career-heaviest weight for Klitschko fight


Anthony Joshua weighed in 10 pounds heavier than Wladimir Klitschko for their world heavyweight title fight at Wembley on Saturday.

IBF champion Joshua tipped the scales at 17 stones, 12 pounds and two ounces on the eve of the eagerly-anticipated showdown in London, with Klitschko coming in at 17st 2lb 6oz.

Joshua is heavier than he has ever been for a fight in his career as he attempts to keep his belt and add the WBA world heavyweight title in front of his adoring fans this weekend.

There was mutual respect from the two again the day before they step into the ring, but Brit Joshua said he is ready to deliver on the big stage.

"I don't hate Klitschko, I don't dislike him, I want to beat him," said the 27-year-old.

"I've been switched on since December 10. In the back of my mind, naturally I've been preparing myself for this moment. This fight could be an easy fight, you never know.

"Every time I fought, there are so many beautiful people, I have to stay tunnel vision and I embrace everyone when I do meet and greets."

Asked for a prediction, Joshua said: "It's going to cost you a billion pounds [for a prediction]. A punch lands, another one lands, you miss one, it's simple.

"Anybody in this room can become a champion. Somebody is going to win and somebody is going to continue their career, I'm very confident it'll be me."

Veteran Klitschko said: "I just have this feeling - this is my night.

"It's a big step for AJ. He hasn't fought this type of quality of fighter yet. It's going to be challenging for him - but challenging for me as well."