Thunder's Westbrook chides reporter after loss


Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook did not appreciate a question about his team-mates playing poorly without him.

Following Oklahoma City's 113-109 loss to the Houston Rockets on Sunday, Steven Adams was asked why the Thunder struggle without Westbrook on the floor.

That is when the Thunder guard and MVP candidate jumped in.

"Hold on Steven," Westbrook, who had another triple-double with 35 points, 14 rebounds and 14 assists, interrupted. "I don't want nobody to try to split us up.

"We're all one team. If I go to the bench, this team is on the floor. If I'm off the floor, we're in this together. Don't split us up.

"Don't try to make us go against each other, try to make it Russell and the rest of the guys, Russell against Houston. I don't want to hear that. We're in this together. We play as a team and that's it."

When the reporter tried to explain himself and his "legitimate question", Westbrook again shut it down.

"Say, 'Russell, you ain't played well at all'. Say, 'Russell, the team hasn't played well'. Don't say, 'When Russell goes out, the team don't play well'. It don't matter," Westbrook said. "We're in this together.

"Next question."

Adams remained silent, and simply pointed to Westbrook as he repeated, "Next question".

When it was insisted Adams answer the question, he shook his head while still pointing to Westbrook, who again said, "Next question".

The Thunder trail the Rockets 3-1 in their Western Conference first-round series ahead of game five on Tuesday.