Russell Westbrook's record-breaking season in Opta numbers


Russell Westbrook made NBA history on Sunday as he broke Oscar Robertson's triple-double record with his 42nd of an incredible individual campaign.

Westbrook achieved the feat in style, scoring 50 points and hitting a game-winning buzzer-beating three-pointer against the Denver Nuggets.

But how does his season stack up against Robertson's stunning 1961-62 campaign? And how has his individual greatness affected his Oklahoma City Thunder team?

Here we look at the best Opta data from a season-long exhibition from the All-Star point guard.


- Westbrook has averaged 31.9 points per game, over a point more than Robertson did in 61-62, when he put up 30.8 per match.

- By contrast Westbrook's averages for rebounds (10.7) and assists (10.4) are both lower than those set by Robertson, who racked up 12.5 rebounds per game along with 11.4 assists.

- Though Westbrook is now top of the pile, Robertson still dominates the list of best seasons in terms of triple-doubles. In addition to putting up 41 in 61-62, he also had 26 the season before and in 1963-64, as well as 22 in 1964-65.

- Wilt Chamberlain, who holds the record for most points in an NBA game with 100, is third on the list for most triple-doubles in a season, having recorded 31 in 1967-68.

- After Westbrook, the next three players on the list for most triple-doubles this season are James Harden (21), LeBron James (13) and Nikola Jokic (6). His 42 is two more than Harden, James and Jokic's totals combined.

- Westbrook scored 57 points while setting a triple-double in a win over the Orlando Magic in March. Since 1983, a player scoring at least 50 while posting a triple-double has only happened five times, Westbrook is responsible for three of those games, with James Harden achieving the feat twice.

- Westbrook is the only player in NBA history to post a triple-double without missing a shot, having done so when he went 6-6 from the field and 6-6 on free throws against the Philadelphia 76ers on March 22.

- His worst field goal percentage in setting a triple-double came in a February 24 win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook shot just 22.2 per cent from the field in that game.

- The Thunder are 33-9 this term when Westbrook gets a triple-double. They are 13-25 when he does not.