Horner seeks clarity over grid box rules


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner wants the rules over how drivers line up on the grid to be clarified after Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel did not park his car between the lines of his designated slot at the Chinese Grand Prix.

The former Red Bull driver positioned his Ferrari well to the left of his box in order to evade oil and wet sections of the track on the run down to the first corner.

It was a move that paid dividends for Vettel, who started and finished second, as he held off the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas into the first corner.

Vettel - who was cleared of any wrongdoing by the race stewards - is not the first person to use that tactic, Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo having done so at last year's Japanese Grand Prix.

Ricciardo's actions led Lewis Hamilton to appeal for drivers to be given clear direction as to what the rules are, and Horner has now done the same.

"I believe that had been previously discussed," Horner told ESPN. "I think the one thing that would be nice to come out of it is... because it was obvious what he was trying to do - get to the drier part of the track which you can understand - but it would be good to have clarity of does a driver have to start in his grid box or not.

"Is it just a line or is it a box? I remember it being discussed, but he got no advantage from it. It would just be good to have clarity."