Family paid out for Red Rum win after finding 43-year-old betting slip

A 76-year-old Scotsman is already celebrating a Grand National win before the famous race gets under way on Saturday after discovering his late father-in-law's betting slip with a £1 punt on Red Rum back in 1974.

And rather than collecting £12 for the legendary horse's 11-1 victory in the famous race 43 years ago, Bob Holmes received £130 after bookmaker William Hill took inflation into account.

Joe Robertson put a solitary pound on Red Rum to win at Aintree all those years ago and his family have received an unexpected inheritance after son-in-law Holmes came across evidence of the bet.

Holmes contacted the bookmaker to find out whether the slip was genuine and if so, whether he could still collect the winnings and the answer was yes - with considerable interest.

William Hill's media relations director Graham Sharpe said: "After 45 years of working for William Hill I am well aware that winning betting slips occasionally are mislaid or forgotten, but we always pay up when a genuine slip comes to light.

"The previous record delay was seven years, when we paid a £30 bet to a lady whose husband had died some years before, and she had been unable to bring herself to clear out his things for that long.

"But 43 years has to be a world record for delayed collection of a winning bet."

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