Lone Revierderby Dortmund fan gets Bartra's shirt


Borussia Dortmund defender Marc Bartra thanked fan Stefanie Adam-Paap for showing him "the power of this club" when he gave her his playing shirt on Thursday. 

The presentation concluded Bartra's search for the supporter, who sat alone in her Dortmund jersey in the home end when Schalke hosted their fierce rivals for the Revierderby last Saturday.

After the 1-1 draw, former Barcelona centre-back Bartra saw a picture of Adam-Paap among the rival fans on social media and asked his followers to help track her down.

"I want to meet this woman! Will you help me find her? I wanna gift her my shirt!" he tweeted.

The search proved successful and after Bartra promised "see you soon, Steffi!", Adam-Paap visited Dortmund's training base to receive a prized memento.

"I found this picture on social media and I was really surprised," Bartra told BVB Total.

"There were only Schalke supporters everywhere and this woman in the middle. I thought 'Wow, this woman has no fear'.

"Nobody was around her with a yellow jersey. That's why I wanted to give her my jersey as a present."

Bartra added: "It makes me very proud because it shows me the power of this club. We fight all together and this shows that you can still find a person out of a million."

Adam-Paap explained the surreal nature of being at the centre of Bartra's Instagram search, while shedding light on a family divided across the Revierderby battlelines.

"It was Sunday afternoon and a friend called us," she said. "He said you are on Facebook, have a look there is a funny picture of you.

"After the Twitter message from Marc Bartra everything exploded.

"Both of my sons are always in the Schalke home stand, I cannot change it. One of my daughters is Schalke supporter too and the other daughter wrote to Marc Bartra [to tell him] that I am her Mum - she is Dortmund supporter."