You take little things and make them big - Mustafi on Arsenal's 'non-celebrations' against Man City

Shkodran Mustafi believes no great meaning should be read into Arsenal's seemingly muted celebrations when they scored in the 2-2 draw against Manchester City at Emirates Stadium.

Sunday's match was once again played out against a backdrop of protests over the future of manager Arsene Wenger, and City twice taking the lead through Leroy Sane and Sergio Aguero did little to improve the mood around the ground. 

Theo Walcott appeared somewhat subdued when he levelled in the first half and, although Aguero instantly answered the England man's strike with one of his own, Mustafi leapt to convert Mesut Ozil's corner eight minutes into the second period.

The Germany centre-back tore off in celebration, but again some of his team-mates seemed less than enthused.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Mustafi dismissed this as part of a general focus on Arsenal's current malaise and insisted the reactions would have been different if the Gunners had not been coming from behind.

"I think you are reading far too much into it," he said.

"The fans come to the game, they see it and then they have to talk about something. Football is not going to change much from today to tomorrow so every time you need something different to talk about.

"Obviously you pick out some little things and make them big -- it is normal. Maybe we would celebrate differently if I scored and we went 2-1 up instead of being 2-1 down and scoring for 2-2.

"Maybe you just want to go as quick as possible back to your half because you want to keep on the front foot to go and score the third.

"It is emotion -- everyone reacts in a way which you can't explain and you cannot read too much into it."

Arsenal entertain West Ham on Wednesday and lie sixth in the table, having won only once in their past six Premier League outings.

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