Klitschko ruling out Fury rematch


Wladimir Klitschko's manager has dismissed any chance of the former heavyweight world champion having a rematch with Tyson Fury by stating "nobody wants that anymore".

Klitschko has not fought since Fury sensationally dethroned him with a points victory in Dusseldorf back in November 2015, but will make his comeback against IBF and WBA super heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua at Wembley on April 29.

Bernd Boente, the veteran Ukrainian's manager, said the 41-year-old will not entertain the thought of doing battle with Fury once again.

He told Sky Sports: "Nobody of us ever wants to deal with this group of people again, especially including myself. It was a lost year and don't forget Wladimir is not 18 years old and starting as a pro.

"Nobody wants that anymore."

Boente, however, said Klitschko would have welcomed the chance to set the record straight against Fury, but sees facing Joshua as a far better option.

"Wladimir would have loved - he showed that in different press conferences - to have that rematch because he knows he had a complete off night," he added.

"He literally threw two, three punches per round and had he thrown as many punches as in the last round, he probably would have won the fight.

"But he didn't and he definitely wanted to show to the public and especially to himself that he can beat this guy, and be a different Wladimir Klitschko in the rematch.

"That's why he was totally keen to have that rematch, but the guy wasn't available and now we have another opponent, a way better opponent, a more interesting fight.

"It's at Wembley Stadium, it's a huge audience, this is the fight of the year, it cannot be better."