Yorkshire pudding on the menu at Masters dinner

Danny Willett has chosen a Yorkshire-inspired menu for the Masters Champions Dinner, complete with Yorkshire puddings and cottage pies.

The latter will be served as a first course on Tuesday, reportedly with Sheffield favourite Henderson's Relish, while the Yorkshire puddings form part of the main, along with prime rib, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

After a dessert of apple crumble and custard, the meal will be finished off by a cup of Yorkshire Tea and a selection of English cheese and biscuits.

Asked whether the Augusta chef was prepared to cook Yorkshire puddings, Willett quipped: "He'd best be, otherwise I'll be in the kitchen making sure. If they go a bit flat, we're not going to be happy. 

"I'm sure, I'm sure that he's been practicing since he came out. 

"Me and my wife have done a lot of thinking about what we can do and how we can kind of embrace British culture, Yorkshire.  My wife has taken some time to kind of put a little bit of something together for every champion that's at dinner tonight and hopefully they enjoy a little taste of Yorkshire. 

"The menu, I think, is pretty well set for what most people would have probably guessed. It's nothing really off the wall. It would have been what most people would have thought, if they were to come to Britain and sit in a pub on Sunday and have their dinner."

The Champions Dinner is attended by previous Masters winners.


Champions Dinner Menu

First Course
Mini Cottage Pies

Second Course
Sunday Roast
Prime rib, roasted potatoes and vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, gravy

Third Course
Apple crumble with vanilla custard

Fourth Course
Coffee and Tea
House coffee blend and Yorkshire Tea
English cheese and biscuits

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