Donald Trump could throw first pitch for Nationals' opening day, report says


President Donald Trump could throw out the ceremonial first pitch on the opening day for the Washington Nationals, according to reports.

Politico have suggested Trump is "in talks" with the team about taking the mound during their home opener on Monday against the Miami Marlins, and may even join the announcers in the broadcast booth.

John Angelos, son of Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos, does not particularly want Trump to throw the first pitch in Baltimore, so the Commander in Chief might have limited options among Mid-Atlantic MLB teams to carry out the tradition.

"Ultimately that decision is with the ownership group as to what major politicians and political figures and societal figures they want to invite," Angelos said. "I know that the administration has taken a lot of criticism for its controversial positions.

"I think more so perhaps for statements made both during the campaign and since the administration came in concerning things that are considered to be problematic from a race, ethnicity, religious, gender, disability.

"People in those communities have been spoken about very negatively by a candidate and now president."

Trump previously threw the first pitch before a Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees game at Fenway Park in 2006.