Tone deaf Arsenal fan pens 'Wenger out' song and records excruciating music video

If only he had used auto-tune!


This season has featured more than its fair share of acrimony over at The Emirates. Sections of Arsenal fans have become more and more vociferous in their calls for manager Arsene Wenger to leave the role he has held since October 1996.

Now a young Gooner has stepped forward to offer his thoughts in the form of song.

Featuring lines such as "So Arsene, it's time for you to leave right now/Before we sink any deeper/It's time for you to leave right now/Our future's looking bleaker and bleaker/It's time for you to leave right now/Go and manage Costa Rica," the rather out-of-tune crooner appears to have based his heartfelt polemic on the song 'Leave Right Now' by the British popstar Will Young.

Unfortunately for this earnest young vocalist his hopes and dreams look like they will soon be crushed as Wenger appears to be on the verge of signing a new two-year deal.