Emergency meeting called to discuss Stade-Racing merger


The National Rugby League (LRN) will hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss a controversial planned merger between Stade Francais and Racing 92 amid reports of a player strike.

Paris rivals Stade and Racing sensationally announced this week that they are to join forces to form a new Top 14 club.

It was reported on Wednesday that Stade players have voted to down tools and league chiefs will meet with both parties later this week to discuss the proposals.

"The project to merge together the professional sections of Stade Francais and Racing 92 set off several reactions, questions and concerns, both on the social and cultural impacts linked to this rapprochement and on the sporting consequences on the Top 14." an LRN statement said:

"After examination of this exceptional situation by the Executive Committee, the National Rugby League (LNR) proposes to convene an emergency meeting on Friday, March 17, with representatives of the two sports companies and the two associations, and representatives of players and coaches to evaluate and to ensure the best treatment of all the dimensions of this project.

"The National Rugby League (LNR) calls for dialogue, will pay close attention to this unprecedented case in the world of professional rugby and intends to ensure the interests of all stakeholders, in particular players, coaches and co-workers of both clubs."