Tigers' Simona deregistered by NRL over betting


Wests Tigers centre Tim Simona has been deregistered by the NRL for betting on rugby league matches.

Simona, 25, was found by the NRL integrity unit to have breached rules by betting on league matches, betting on opposition players scoring, and against his team winning.

The NRL said on Friday he had also "sold rugby league jerseys through online auctions without passing on the full proceeds to the nominated charities" and been untruthful when interviewed by the integrity unit.

"Based on the evidence we have identified it is very hard to imagine that Tim Simona will be registered with the NRL at any time in the future," NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg said.

"There is nothing more important than the integrity of our game.

"Our fans have a right to expect that every player on every team is doing his best to win each game and we will be relentless in dealing with anyone who attempts to breach this trust."

Greenberg added: "At the end of the day he has deliberately flouted the laws of the game for his own gain and there is no place for him in the NRL.

"This is a warning to everyone in our game that if you try to meddle with the integrity of the game you will be caught and the consequences will be harsh."

Greenberg said Simona was remorseful, had "serious personal issues" and would be offered welfare services.