Browns use deck of cards to test Dan Feeney at NFL Combine


The NFL Combine is full of skill challenges that test a player's athleticism, so the Cleveland Browns decided to go in a different route during the interview process.

Instead of asking Indiana guard Dan Feeney about football, the Browns brought out a deck of playing cards.

Naturally, the strategy caught Feeney off-guard, but he did his best to oblige.

"You expect to go in there and talk about your offense or learning their offense," Feeney is quoted as saying by MLive.

"And then here's a guy with a deck of cards, and I'm like, 'Hey, man, are we playing Blackjack or something?'"

This was not like a trip to Atlantic City. According to Feeney, who was sidelined for four games last season after suffering a concussion, the card tricks were to test his memory.

The Browns did go 1-15 last season, so who can blame them for trying something different?