Halfpenny holds his hands up for turning down kick

Leigh Halfpenny admitted he made an error of judgement when he turned down a kick at goal in the second half of Wales' Six Nations defeat against Scotland on Saturday.

Halfpenny told Alun Wyn Jones he would not have a shot after the Wales captain initially informed referee John Lacey that they would go for the three points when he awarded a penalty with Scotland leading 16-13 after 51 minutes.

Wales were unable to score from the resulting set-piece after Dan Biggar kicked for the corner and Scotland went on to win 29-13.

Halfpenny said he should take the blame for failing to step up at Murrayfield, with Wales' title hopes now in tatters.

"For me, I need to hold my hand up. I made a mistake and I wasn't decisive enough," he told the Welsh Rugby Union website.

"Alun Wyn wanted to go for the three points and I've allowed errors in my game before and the conditions to influence me and turn down the kick. I should have parked those mistakes and moved on.

"In the past I have made errors and not allowed those to affect me and moved onto the next job. It's probably the first time it has happened but it's the last time it will.

"I don't think I've ever played at Murrayfield when it's not been difficult conditions, the wind really picks up and it is up there with one of the most difficult stadiums to kick in but that shouldn't have an influence on decisions if a kick is in range.

"For me it's a privileged position to backed to be the kicker, I'm excited to get back out there, get the tee in my hand and go from there."

Jones said of the incident: "Obviously I'm not a kicker and I thought it was a good shot, Leigh didn't feel the same way hence we've gone for the corner.

"I have every faith in him. Leigh's a world-class kicker and he knows what he can and can't do."

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