Police: Jets' Revis facing possible assault charge for alleged role in fight


New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is facing felony charges stemming from his alleged role in an altercation that left two Pittsburgh men unconscious.

Pittsburgh police on Thursday announced pending charges, including aggravated assault, against Revis, who is accused of fighting with two men when they approached the NFL star on the street and began filming him with a cell phone early Monday, police said.

A warrant has not yet been issued for Revis' arrest.

The alleged incident occurred at 02:43 (local time) Sunday when a 22-year-old male approached Revis, a Pittsburgh native, near the intersection of S. 23rd and E. Carson streets.

The man recognised Revis, who confirmed his identity, and the man pulled out a cell phone to record the interaction and began following Revis down the street, according to police.

The incident then began to escalate, according to a Pittsburgh Police Department statement.

"At some point, Revis snatched the cellphone away and attempted to delete the video," it read.

"Another 21-year-old male from Ross Township attempted to help the 22-year-old retrieve the cellphone. Revis then tossed the phone onto the roadway.

"A verbal argument followed. A male came to assist Revis. Both the 22-year-old and the 21-year-old state they were punched then remember waking up to talk to police."

Police responded to a call about a fight and found the two men, who were knocked out on the ground.

Upon viewing cell phone video of the incident, police confirmed Revis' identity. 

Revis' lawyer gave KDKA-TV a different account of the incident.

He said Revis was "assaulted by a group of five people" and fled the scene because he "feared for his safety and eventually went to get medical treatment", according to KDKA.

Revis, who played collegiately at the University of Pittsburgh, was home for the weekend visiting family and friends, his lawyer said.

In a statement Thursday, the Jets acknowledged Revis' involvement in the incident but declined further comment.