WATCH: North Dakota State player makes amazing shot - into wrong basket

Khy Kabellis made one of the most spectacular shots of the college basketball season, but it completely backfired on his team.

The North Dakota State player was running out of bounds to save a loose ball while playing the Denver Pioneers. Without looking, he flipped the ball back over his shoulder. Unfortunately, the ball went into Denver's basket as a three-pointer.

"I tipped the ball away to try and get a rebound," Kabellis told CBS Sports. "I knew there was a guy right behind me and there was guys toward the half-court on the other team, so I tried to throw it cross-court to one of my teammates. But I ended up putting a little too much air on it and the rest is history."

Luckily for Kabellis, the Bison were able to move past the mistake and win the game, 81-63.

However, Kabellis' team-mates likely will not let him live that blunder down any time soon.

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