Garrett asks Jones to trade Romo to Browns so he can play for Cowboys

Looks like potential number NFL draft pick Myles Garrett does not want to play in Cleveland. He wants to stay close to home. 

In fact he is already asking for a trade before even being drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

The defensive end would rather stay close to Texas A&M and play for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I'm speaking to you, Jerry [Jones]," Garrett said in a video posted to

"Mr. [coach Jason] Garrett, make it happen. Dak Prescott leads our team right now. I need you to take Tony Romo, take a couple picks, and give them to Cleveland so you can pick me up.

"Please, I'd love to play in Dallas, just make it happen."

Cleveland do need a quarterback after all but the Cowboys own the number 28 pick of the draft, though they have a number of holes they need to fill on defence and risking their future on Garrett is not wise.

Garrett's trade request appeared to be more of a joke than an actual suggestion but the defensive end has said in the past he prefers not to play in a cold-weather city.

There is also the fact that he was born and raised in Arlington, Texas, which just happens to be where the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium is located. 

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