Marshall says Brady 'not the best player ever'

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall does not believe five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is the greatest.

While Marshall can admit the New England Patriots veteran is a phenomenal quarterback, he refuses to consider him the best.

"He's not the best player ever," Marshall told "We get caught up in that whole discussion, that when a quarterback is playing really well, he's probably the best in the business, and we think he's the best player. And that's not true.

"When I think about [that] player, I think about a guy that I can put at corner, safety, defensive end, a guy that I can put back on punt return, chase down kicks.

"That, to me, is the best player. J.J. Watt, that can play defensive end, tight end, put him at tackle, make him lose some weight and he can probably play linebacker and safety. That's the best player."

As for who he thinks is the greatest, Marshall said it was a tough question to answer.

"Man, that's tough," Marshall said. "I would put J.J. Watt in that discussion. I would put Reggie White in that discussion. I would put Deion [Sanders] in that discussion. I would put Jerry Rice in that discussion. That would probably be impossible [to say for sure]."

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