BBC drops Wales v England rugby trailer for 'not hitting right note'


The BBC has dropped a trailer for the Six Nations Wales v England match for "not hitting the right note".

A video ahead of this weekend's rugby game asked "What's good about England?" and featured a series of Wales fans with blank expressions apparently unable to answer the question.

The BBC Wales trailer was criticised on social media, with some viewers suggesting it was racist or anti-English.

The broadcaster said the video was "part of a suite of promotional Six Nations content where real, passionate and excited rugby fans talk about the friendly rivalry between the countries taking part in the tournament".

Confirming that the trailer has been dropped, the BBC added: "This was a tongue-in-cheek approach that wasn't meant to cause offence, but was pulled after not hitting the right note."

Other viewers on Twitter disagreed with critics, with some saying they did not find it offensive, but amusing instead.