Dodging a bullet is a distraction, contract isn't - Falcons star Freeman


Devonta Freeman is set to play the biggest game of his football career in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, and he is not letting anything distract him.

One thing that might have distracted him this week was his agent saying Freeman deserved to be paid like an "elite back".

However, questions about his contract status will not trip up the Atlanta Falcons running back heading into the NFL showpiece against the New England Patriots in Houston as he has been through plenty in life.

"Where I come from, where I grew up at, you know I could be playing in the middle of the field -- we called it 'The O; in the Pork 'n' Beans projects [in Miami] -- and a shootout might start," Freeman told reporters Wednesday.

"You know, that's a distraction. Dodging a bullet or something like that, that's a distraction. That's frustration, going to sleep every night thinking you might hear gun shots. That was the stuff that was distracting to me.

"This is football. Ain't no distraction."

As for the contract, Freeman told he does want an extension as he enters the final year of his rookie contract, but he will deal with that once the season is over.