Eddie Jones is like Donald Trump and should show more respect - Scotland great Telfer


Eddie Jones has been likened to United States president Donald Trump by Scotland great Jim Telfer, who says the England coach should show opposition teams more respect.

Jones has yet to taste defeat as coach of England and oversaw a Six Nations grand slam last season as part of an unbeaten 2016.

However, the Australian has drawn criticism in some quarters for his no-nonsense, big-talking approach, with Jones pulling no punches against his opponents.

Telfer, who represented Scotland as a player and a coach, is no stranger to big opinions himself having once described England as "arrogant, pretentious and condescending".

But the 76-year-old believes Jones could be more humble and feels his approach may come back to haunt him.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Telfer said: "To me, he's building his whole team on set-piece and the building of the attack comes secondary.

"Having coached Australia and Japan you would have thought the opposite would be the case. The way he speaks, it's a bit like Donald Trump. He wants to be the big man, you know?

"His goal is to win the World Cup in 2019 and so far it's gone well, but I think he could be a little more circumspect, show a bit more respect for the opposition. He doesn't seem to show much respect and it could come back to bite him."

Telfer, who led Scotland to the final Five Nations title in 1999 before Italy were added to the competition, also laid into the atmosphere and fans at England's Twickenham home.

"Twickenham I find intimidating. The whole atmosphere is intimidating, there's so many of them, three tiers of them," he added. 

"If you ever think about wanting separation from England just sit 10 minutes in Twickenham and listen to them. 

"They think they're superior and a lot of them will come from the south-east, bags of money and bags of this and bags of that. They don't really appreciate the other team.

"In France they just boo the other team, in Argentina they boo the other team, in England it's just disdain - 'Why are we playing these plebs?' I don't like Twickenham; a concrete jungle, nothing attractive about it at all."