Edelman provides entertainment on Super Bowl Opening Night

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman was one of the most entertaining players on what was a lacklustre Super Bowl Opening Night.

The 30-year-old is in his third Super Bowl and offered some sage advice on Monday, as his team prepare to face the Atlanta Falcons.

Edelman provided several memorable one-liners, which included tips for facial hair grooming and television viewing, a lack of thumbs for dolphins and why he admires Tom Brady. 

On why he thinks the Patriots will beat the Falcons, Edelman said: "We have muskets... we're just thankful dolphins don't have thumbs."

On maintaining his full beard: "You've got to shampoo and condition. You've got to put a little beard oil in there."

On reality television: "I haven't watched any of that since I was like 22. There's a lot of other better things on TV."

On Brady's greatness: "Trying to be him when I was in eighth grade and now I get to play in Super Bowls with him, it's pretty unbelievable. Anyone who gets to play with that man understands why he is the way he is."

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