NBL player Mitchell describes horror eye injury, reflects on 'miracle' recovery


NBL forward Akil Mitchell expects to make a full recovery from the horrendous eye injury he suffered on Thursday, a scenario he describes as a "mircale".

The 24-year-old New Zealand Breakers player was unintentionally poked in the eye by Cairns Taipans centre Nnanna Egwu in Auckland on Thursday, with the impact dislodging Mitchell's left eyeball from its socket.

And if that's enough to make you feel squeamish, you may want to prepare yourself for Mitchell's detailed description of the gruesome incident.

"I'm looking up and my eye's still moving but it's out here," he said, pointing to the area outside of his eye.

"I touched it and I immediately wanted to push it back in and I was like, 'that's a bad idea'. I could still see, I could still move it. I never lost vision, never went blurry, thank God. It's feeling much better.

"My eye was out of my head so it was a little painful. I don't know if it was the most painful thing I've ever felt but it was just weird. It was a weird sensation, a weird feeling.

"Today [Friday] I really just feel like I got punched in the face. It's pretty bruised and scratched but I don't think there's anything serious."

Mitchell left the field with a towel draped over his face and was rushed to hospital, his eyeball slipping back into place during the ambulance journey.

"In the hospital, the specialist that was on call, I don't think he believed me," the American, who hopes to make a swift return to action, added.

"He was asking to see the video, just because it had already gone back in and he didn't see any damage. I think he was trying to validate that it had actually come out of place.

"All the specialists that I've seen so far have said that it looks good. They don't see any damage.

"As serious as the injury could have been, for everything to be ok and for me to be able to see you guys and joke about it, is something that I can only describe as a miracle."