Hairy times for Arda and Ter Stegen after Champions League wager


Arda Turan and Marc-Andre ter Stegen could be facing some hairy moments between now and the end of Barcelona's Champions League campaign.

With a goal in Barcelona's 5-2 Copa del Rey victory over Real Sociedad on Thursday, Arda took his individual tally for the season to a personal best of 13.

While offering him congratulations, Ter Stegen suggested a way the Turkey international could mark the occasion if he reaches 20 goals.

Replying to Arda's celebratory tweet about his milestone, the goalkeeper wrote: "13 goals scored, congrats man! You shave the beard if you score 20?"

The former Atletico Madrid midfielder responded by laying out his terms for shaving off his facial hair, with Ter Stegen perhaps unwittingly putting his head on the chopping block - or at least in the barber's chair.

"I'll shave my beard only if we win [the] @ChampionsLeague," Arda posted on Twitter. "But if it happens, I'll shave your head too! OK?"

Ter Stegen is yet to agree, but if the Catalan giants taste continental glory this term their line-up could well have a new look next season.