F1 races should be like 21 Super Bowls - Carey

Race weeks in Formula One should strive to match the hype of the Super Bowl, according to the sport's new chief executive Chase Carey.

Carey was named as Bernie Ecclestone's replacement on Monday after Liberty Media completed its $8billion takeover, with a view to revamping F1.

And the American wants to see the build-up to races become "week-long extravaganzas" across the host city.

"We have 21 races - we should have 21 Super Bowls," he told CNBC.

"Realistically, we only have one race in each country and we should make these races week-long extravaganzas with entertainment and music, events that capture the whole city, not just events at the tracks.

"And that is an opportunity for us to, over time, continue to grow that dimension."

Following Liberty Media's takeover there had been talk of some of the United States' major cities becoming hosts, including New York and Las Vegas.

Carey believes a "destination city" within the US will help improve the race experience for everyone involved in the sport.

He said: "We didn't acquire the business pending on the US success, but there's a real upside in the US market, where we'd really like to add a race in a destination city, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas to states where people will come for a week-long event, that has multiple dimensions with the race at the centre."

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