Warriors coach Kerr: Players 'made a mockery' of All-Star voting

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr took a look at the All-Star Game voting by NBA players and did not like what he saw.

Kerr, who will be leading the Western Conference team, does not believe the players took the process seriously.

This was the first year they were allowed a vote, and their selections were valued at 25 per cent of the total ballots.

While there is always room for debate among the star players, such as whether Russell Westbrook deserved a starting nod over Stephen Curry or James Harden, controversy was courted with a number of players seemingly voting for themselves.

"I am very disappointed in the players though. I mean, they've asked for a vote and a lot of them just made a mockery of it. So I don't know what the point is," Kerr said before Monday's loss against the Miami Heat.

"So, that was too bad but all in all, these things are always going to be debatable about who's starting and who gets named. There's always going to be worthy players left out of the starting lineup, left out of the roster entirely.

"It's the same thing every year and I don't know what the perfect answer is.

"I saw the list. I saw all the guys who got votes and I don't know. Are we allowed to vote for yourself? Yeah? So I don't know, are guys voting for themselves? I mean, there are 50 guys on there who had no business getting votes.

"So although a lot of people wrote in their buddies for the presidential vote as well - maybe that's just their own way of making a statement - but I just, I think if you're going to give the players a vote I think they should take it seriously."

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