Is it too late now to say sorry? Bellew wants Haye apology


Tony Bellew believes "coward" David Haye still owes him an apology for throwing a punch during the pair's news conference last year.

The British duo were presented to the media in November ahead of their fight at the O2 Arena on March 4, and tensions were running high.

As the pair squared up, Bellew pushed Haye, who swung a left hook in the direction of his opponent.

Bellew claimed to have felt "shocked" at the time and, almost two months on, still wants Haye to say sorry.

"We will come face to face this week so we will see what happens this time, but he's basically a coward for throwing a punch at me without gloves on," Bellew told World Boxing News.

"I won't let it go unless he apologises as he knows he was bang out of order!

"He didn't want to hear the truth and that's why he got so close that I needed to push him. Soon enough he will have to listen to me though."