European Tour founding father John Jacobs dies aged 91


European Tour founding father and two-time Ryder Cup captain John Jacobs has died aged 91.

Jacobs is attributed with leading the push for the modernisation of golf in the 1950s, taking the British game abroad for the first time after taking up the role of tournament director-general of the PGA Executive Committee in 1971

After suffering defeat in the 1955 Ryder Cup as a player, Jacobs captained Europe in back-to-back defeats against the United States in 1979 and 1981.

A European Tour statement read: "Jacobs will be remembered for the huge influence he has had on European golf, as a player, an innovative coach and as a driving force behind the formation of the European Tour.

"His influence on other players was perhaps even more profound through his revered teaching, with his methods shaping the games of golfers across the globe through his coaching schools, best-selling books, videos and television series.

"Jacobs revolutionised coaching, teaching golfer the fundamentals of the game through his innovative philosophies based on ball flight, club face alignment and swing path.

"The Yorkshireman also had a considerable impact on the professional game as the founding father of what would later become the European Tour."