Remember this guy? Kazuyoshi Miura has just signed a new contract at the age of 49

You might remember Kazuyoshi Miura as one of Japan's best players from the 1990s.

You probably didn't know that the striker, who turns 50 this year, is still playing.

Miura, who played for Japan against England in the Umbro Cup in 1995, has just signed a one-year contract extension with Yokohama in the country's second tier to ensure he'll continue playing into his 50s.

He was born in 1967, began his professional career in Brazil in 1986, and was the first footballer from Japan ever to play in Serie A.

To put that in context, he's older than both Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Chelsea boss Antonio Conte - and Lionel Messi wasn't even born when he made his professional debut.

Here he is playing against Brazil back in 1995.

 Kazuyoshi Miura playing for Japan
(Steve Morton/EMPICS)

And yes, that is former Middlesbrough player Doriva you can see battling him for the ball.

Doriva was 23 when that picture was taken and he has already been retired for 10 years. Lightweight.

Hats off to Miura. What a guy.

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