Giants' Harrison to use 'Madden' skills against Packers

New York Giants' Damon Harrison has been boasting about his extensive playoff experience... in video game Madden NFL.

Harrison's Giants face the red-hot Green Bay Packers on Sunday in the final Wild Card clash, the winner set for a meeting with either the Dallas Cowboys or the Atlanta Falcons.

And the defensive tackle will try his best to use his gaming knowledge against the Packers, whose quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been superb in leading the side to a six-game winning run.

"I just won a Super Bowl last night on Madden with the Green Bay Packers," Harrison said.

"I go to the playoffs every year on Madden, so I have some playoff experience if guys want to talk to me and lean on me. The team looks a little different.

"I made some cuts, added some guys, edited some contracts so I could have some cap space.

"But I was using Rodgers pretty good on Madden, so hopefully I know some of his weaknesses, because you know Madden doesn't lie."

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