Jonathan Agnew and Gary Lineker cry foul over soiled toilet paper 'gifts'

On the upside there was a letter telling cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew he was to be awarded an MBE this year, on the downside he has also received a rather more unpleasant envelope - one containing dirty toilet paper.

Agnew, the BBC Test Match Special commentator, revealed on Twitter that he has been sent the disgusting "gift" every Test match for the last decade.

Bizarrely, football pundit Gary Lineker replied that he has also been getting the same foul present for almost 20 years.

Agnew, known by his fans and fellow pundits as "Aggers", appeared more concerned that the sender now includes his new honour when addressing him.

He wrote: "Can I ask the charming individual who for 10 years has sent me a soiled piece of toilet paper every Test now address the envelope correctly?"

Lineker replied: "Let me guess; sent from a Bath postcode?", before revealing he had been getting them for "donkey's years", saying: "Goes back almost 20 years for me. Once a month. Disgusting."

Agnew said the post always arrived second class, joking: "Must cost him a fortune."

BBC Radio 5 Live colleague Graham McMillan said he had also fallen foul of the disgusting hoaxer, tweeting: "I was helping by opening the mail at Trent Bridge once... @tmsproducer gave me no warning such things existed."




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