Here's how long it would take Carlos Tevez to afford the world's most expensive car, and other automotive items


Carlos Tevez's move from Boca Juniors to Shanghai Shenua in the Chinese Super League means he's rumoured to be the best-paid footballer in the world.

If the reports are true, Tevez would be on just over £30 million a year. That equates to roughly the following figures: £604,000 a week, £86,400 a day, £3,600 an hour, £60 a minute, and an incredible £1 a second.

Difficult to put into perspective, right? Well, we've had a go. The former West Ham forward reportedly has a pretty decent car collection - how could he add to it with his new wages?

Air fresheners

At £1.50 from Halfords, the "black ice" air freshener from Little Trees "gives you fresh and long-lasting odour that will make you not want to leave your car! Perfect for home, car or the office!" according to Halfords.

At £1.50 each, Mr Tevez could afford two of these every three seconds, although one would probably do just fine.

Two Halfords MOTs

Mr Tevez earns around £60 a minute, so at £29.99 for an MOT on a class four vehicle at Halfords Autocentre, Carlos could get two of his cars checked over for a minute's work.

Halfords' website says: "We always quote up front so no nasty surprises!" Sounds like the Argentinian will be getting value for money as well.

Vauxhall Mokka

Tevez's footballing work in the Chinese Super League will earn him £3,600 an hour. That's a lot of dough.

For just over four and a half hours' work then, the former Manchester United and Manchester City striker could buy himself Vauxhall's very affordable Mokka model, at a starting price of £16,839!

Described as #LifeReady, Vauxhall say the Mokka "packs the rugged style of an SUV into a compact package!" Perfect for driving to training in the morning.

Audi R8 Coupe

We'll cut straight to the chase: for a week's work, Tevez could buy himself five Audi R8 Coupes at £120,000 each.

"The Audi R8 is the pinnacle of Audi's ever-improving range," say "A four-wheel-drive supercar that goes up against rivals such as the Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren 570S, and Ferrari 488 GTB."

That all sounds quite impressive to us.

Ferrari 250 GTO

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO - (Bonhams/PA)

If Tevez feels like saving up, he could have one of these after just 292 days, or four-fifths of a year.

The Ferrari 250 GTO became the most valuable car ever sold at auction in 2014, going for $38.1 million, around £25 million in today's money.

Just 39 were made, so this really would be a collector's item. Tevez will hope he finds goals a little easier to come by when he gets started in China.