Browns' lone win turns into meals for 80,000


Residents of Cleveland were hoping to celebrate their team's failures by throwing an 0-16 parade, until, as you probably know, the Browns somehow won a game last weekend, so the parade is off.

But money was raised for the parade. A lot of money, in fact. The GoFundMe page started for the event raised an incredible $10,000. 

After a Christmas Eve victory over the San Diego Chargers, the manager of the page made an update: "BROWNS WIN! Parade is cancelled and all money will be donated to the Cleveland Food Bank!"

Not only will the Food Bank get the $10,000 from the campaign, but the Browns franchise matched that donation, too, giving an additional $10K.

This whole thing started as a slightly serious joke and gained national traction once media outlets covered it. 

The total of $20,000 raised will provide 80,000 meals to people in need.