13 pictures of Sir Bradley Wiggins being Britain's most iconic sportsman


Sir Bradley Wiggins, Great Britain's five-time Olympic champion, has announced his retirement from cycling. That gives us a great chance to look back over some of the most eye-catching moments from the 36-year-old's impressive career.

Having won Britain's first ever Tour de France title as well as eight Olympic medals over five Games, there's plenty to look at.

1. Here's Sir Bradley in Athens, the 2004 Olympic Games - look at how much better the olive wreath looks on his head than it does on everyone else. You can't teach that.

Great Britain cyclist Bradley Wiggins at the Athens Olympics - (Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport)
(Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport)

2. Gettin' sweaty.

Bradley Wiggins at the 2008 Beijing Olympics - (PA)

3. Sell your book with sideburns, Sir Bradley.

Bradley Wiggins - (Rebecca Naden/PA)
(Rebecca Naden/PA)

4. Wiggo here with British cycling coach Sir David Brailsford. Lots of clothes to talk about here.

Bradley Wiggins and David Brailsford - (John Stillwell/PA)
(John Stillwell/PA)

5. Sir Bradley meets his hero, Paul Weller. It's like looking into the future.

Bradley Wiggins and Paul Weller - (Lewis Whyld/PA)
(Lewis Whyld/PA)

6. Of course, perhaps the most iconic moment of Sir Bradley's career will always be his 2012 Tour victory. Effortless in yellow, and so at home with a toy lion.

Bradley Wiggins wins the 2012 Tour de France - (PA)

7. The one moment that might rival that image came almost immediately after the Tour.

Sir Bradley's time trial victory at London 2012 kick-started a gold rush that will be remembered as one of Britain's greatest sporting summers. He sat on his throne, unzipped his top, and conducted the adoring crowd.

Bradley Wiggins at London 2012 - (John Giles/PA)
(John Giles/PA)

8. The haircut - the jacket - Sue Barker's beaming face.

Bradley Wiggins wins Sports Personality of the Year 2012 - (David Davies/PA)
(David Davies/PA)

9. That moment when the Queen is about to make you a knight, and you wear brown flares to the ceremony. You do you, Wiggo.

The Queen knights Bradley Wiggins - (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

10. Sir Bradley's partnership with countryman Mark Cavendish is well documented. Here, the pair celebrate becoming world champions by signing their autographs - we're a bit in love with those tops.

Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish - (Tim Goode/PA)
(Tim Goode/PA)

11. All of the colours - it's like rainbow road out there.

Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins - (Adam Davy/PA)
(Adam Davy/PA)

12. Hmm.

Bradley Wiggins - (Adam Davy/PA)
(Adam Davy/PA)

13. And last but not least, Sir Bradley tickles his team mates with antics on the podium.

Bradley Wiggins makes his team mates laugh at Rio 2016 - (David Davies/PA)
(David Davies/PA)

Leave 'em laughing, Sir Brad.