NBA 'throws the refs under the bus' with Last Two Minute reports - Durant

Kevin Durant blasted the NBA's Last Two Minute Report on Tuesday, saying "it is bull**** the NBA throws the referees under the bus like that."

In Monday's Last Two Minute Report, the NBA concluded that officials made two mistakes late in the Cleveland Cavaliers' 109-108 win over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day.

The league said Cleveland's Richard Jefferson should have been called for a foul on Durant's three-point attempt with 3.1 seconds remaining before the latter missed the shot.

But Durant did not blame that missed call for the Warriors' loss, leaping to the defence of the referees.

"The refs didn't lose us that game. We lost that game," Durant said.

"I think it's bull**** the NBA throws the referees under the bus like that. ... You can't fine us for when we go out there and criticize them and then throw them under the bus for the Two Minute Report. What about the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter? It's bull****.

"They should get rid of them. Refs don't deserve that. They're trying their hardest to get the play right, then you look at the play in slo-mo and say it's wrong. ... Full of s*** that you throw the refs under the bus like that after the game. Like it matters. The game's over. We move on."

The NBA has been issuing Last Two Minute Reports since March 2015, covering all games in which the lead is within five points in the final two minutes of regulation or overtime.

The league's website explains the "L2Ms are part of the NBA's ongoing effort to build a greater awareness and understanding of the rules and processes that govern our game. Additionally, they serve as a mechanism of accountability to our fans and the media who fairly seek clarifications after our games."

In the other missed call, the NBA said LeBron James should have been called for a technical for hanging on the rim after a dunk with less than two minutes remaining. That dunk put the Cavs up 105-103, their first lead since early in the game. 

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