Which sport should Father Christmas play? Here are his 9 best options


You're looking for pictures of Santa Claus looking sporty, aren't you?

Well we're not going to disappoint, and while we're at it let's open the discussion on which sport merry Saint Nick really should play.

9. Golf

Santa playing golf
Get in the hole (Ralph Francello/AP)

Perhaps Santa could utilise his more delicate touch? The kindly character might find golf just the right sport to ease his stress following the busy festive season and it could get him out the house in the summer months.

Plus, who needs a golf buggy when you've got a sleigh?

Father Christmas on a golf buggy
Rudolph and friends clearly didn't fancy it this time... (John Dunham/AP)

8. Horse racing

Reindeer with man smiling
Okay so we mean reindeer racing... (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Who has a finer eye for training beasts to run than Kris Kringle? Santa's reindeer could take on the finest racing horses in the world.

He may need to lay off the mince pies if he wants to get a jockey-like frame though...

Father Christmas eating mince pies
Put it down Klaus! (Chris Ison/PA)

7. American football

Santa playing American football
"You're going to need to go longer than that" (Thinkstock/moodboard)

The NFL needs Santa Claus. With his generous arm at quarter back he'd be dishing out gift-like passes to the arms of the receivers all game.

With a host of Christmas songs perfect for showing him your appreciation, you just know the American fans and cheerleaders would be singing his name too...

Cheerleaders dressed as Father Christmas
"Give me and S" (Charles Krupa/AP)

6. Cricket

Father Christmas with cricket bat
He has a bat and is not afraid to use it (Rebecca Naden/PA)

Nothing would please us more than seeing Father Christmas uprooting the middle stump and crying "special delivery" - and we see him an all-rounder.

With an apparent ability to be many places at once his fielding would be perfect to the point of cheating, and as for his batting you just know he could knock it out of Lord's and all the way to the North Pole.

Santa warming up
Get that arm warmed up big man (Jon Buckle/EMPICS Sport)

But you can't play cricket in snow, right? Nope - you can.

People playing cricket in the snow
Who's getting it if it goes over the mountain? (John Giles/PA)

5. Tennis

Santa Claus with tennis bauble
Who's going to be the bauble boy? (Thinkstock/Vincent Giordano)

With magical technique you just know the jolly fat man would have a dynamite serve, and elves would make perfect ball boys and girls.

Also, who doesn't want to see a grudge doubles match between the Murray brothers and Santa and Rudolph?

Murray brothers with cracker and Santa hats
Murray Christmas (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Although something tells us these tennis players might not be that keen on a festive fixture...

4. Rugby

Santa playing rugby
That ball is moving at pace (Lynne Cameron/PA)

With enough strength to keep control of nine reindeer and enough bounce from that belly of his to bring down Sonny Bill Williams at full charge, Saint Nicholas is the perfect build for rugby.

With his grand stature and aforementioned ability to deliver he'd be the perfect hooker, able to put the ball on a plate at the line out and a driving force in the heart of the scrum.

Father Christmas with two Scottish rugby players
That's it, you bind in the middle Santa (Kirsty MacGregor/PA)

3. Football

Fans holding a sign showing their wish for three points
We know just the player you need (Nigel French/EMPICS Sport)

As the world's most popular sport we'd like to think Kris Kringle has dabbled on the pitch and as a magical being he'd have the skills to pay the bills. So where would he play?

Perhaps Santa's powerful stature is best suited at the heart of defence? Or perhaps he'd fill the goal perfectly like a satsuma in a stocking?

Santa Claus in the stands
Get out the stands Santa - you're needed on the pitch! (Paul Harding/PA)

Both of these options are wrong though. What's Klaus famous for? Delivery. Any team would benefit from Santa out on the wing delivering balls into the box and he'd pull the strings better than the reigns on his sleigh.

Plus, with his ability to slip through tight spaces like a chimney, his darting runs into the box could make him unplayable. And look, we've got proof he's suited to the wing as well...

Goerge Best as Santa
George "Santa Claus" Best (PA Archive)

With other winter characters waiting impatiently on the sidelines this Christmas too, there could be quite the festive team possible...

Christmassy characters in the stands
Calm it you three, you'll get your turn (John Walton/PA)

2. Boxing

Santa Claus in boxing gloves
Merry Fistmas (Thinkstock/Wavebreakmedia)

You knew this joke was coming and we're sorry, but Santa is already great at boxing presents so...

And you know, with a magical level of strength and an all-knowing ability allowing him to read his opponent we think he'd be heavyweight champ in no time.

Santa (Barry Mcguigan) in boxing gloves
Former World Champion Barry McGuigan knows (S&G and Barratts/EMPICS Sport)

Seeing Father Christmas beat down Anthony Joshua or Wladimir Klitschko may be the fight of the century, but this one still doesn't quite take our top spot...

1. Formula One

Santa holding a chequered flag
No podium would be safe (Thinkstock/Ljupco)

Formula One is number one. With a team of elves working on his vehicle and offering him mince pies as fuel Saint Nick would be more like Saint Nico.

Of course we're not sure Bernie Ecclestone would allow reindeer, but with a magical sled beneath him nothing would get in Santa's way...

Santa on a speeding sled
Out the way fools (Thinkstock/AarStudio)

Who doesn't want to see Santa hit a hairpin bend at globetrotting speeds?

And with the off season of Formula One always happening over Christmas he'd be able to race and still go and deliver those presents over the festive period.