It's Rangers v Little Mix in the hottest and funniest beef of 2016


In the blue corner: Rangers, a Scottish football team.

In the red corner: Little Mix, the girl band.

Nobody saw this feud coming, but it's the biggest football-music crossover beef since Victoria Beckham battled Peterborough for the right to be called Posh.

If you're confused, then let us explain: it all centres around the battle for Christmas number one.

X Factor girl band Little Mix are gunning for the festive top spot with their song Touch - but Rangers fans have other ideas. They're trying to get the Dave Clarke Five's Glad All Over to the top of the charts in honour of their striker Joe Garner.

And if that sounds far fetched, check this out.

The iTunes chart

Yep, they're top of the iTunes chart, with Little Mix lagging in a disappointing fourth.

And what do Little Mix fans make of this outrage? They are not happy.

But you can't just send out a challenge like that to football fans and expect them not to respond.

This is one thing we definitely don't want to see.

It's all getting a little bit out of hand.

Not everyone is getting into the spirit.

But we think - we *think* - it's all in good spirits.

Anyway, it looks like both parties could end up disappointed - midweek figures suggest Clean Bandit's Rockabye is on course for top spot.