Sherman threatens to 'ruin career' of Seahawks reporter


Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman threatened to have a media member's credentials revoked following a news conference on Tuesday.

Sherman voiced his displeasure last Thursday over a play call at the one-yard line when Seahawks offensive co-ordinator Darrell Bevell decided to call a pass play on first down in the third quarter of a 24-3 win against the Los Angeles Rams.

The pass was nearly intercepted by Rams linebacker Bryce Hager, but the Seahawks scored two plays later on a pass to Doug Baldwin.

Sherman confronted both Bevell and head coach Pete Carroll on the sideline and then ripped the play call with reporters following the game. 

When asked again about questioning the team's offensive play calls, Sherman took aim at a Seattle reporter.

Radio host Jim Moore asked Sherman if he had a "better handle" of what should have been called. Sherman said he wanted to "protect the team" by questioning the play call.

"No, I just had a, we had a prior experience [the Super Bowl] so we talked about it," Sherman replied. "But let me guess -- you have a better play to call. Let me guess, you have a better experience."

Moore said he did not, so Sherman told him to stop asking about it. After he left the interview room, he had more to say to the radio host.

"You don't want to go there," he said in a walkway at the team facility. "You do not. I'll ruin your career."

When Moore asked how Sherman would do that, Sherman replied, "I'll make sure you don't get your media pass anymore."