Giants fined, lose draft spot for walkie-talkie use


Ben McAdoo's use of a walkie-talkie during a December 11 game against the Dallas Cowboys was costly for the New York Giants coach and his team.

The NFL announced on Tuesday it has fined the Giants $150,000 and moved their fourth-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to the end of the round.

McAdoo was also fined $50,000 for using a walkie-talkie on the sideline to communicate with quarterback Eli Manning.

The fourth-round pick would be after any compensatory picks at the end of the round, but will not be any more than 12 spots lower from where the Giants would finish in the draft order for that round. 

New York's usual radio communication system was not working, so McAdoo opted for the walkie-talkie during the 10-7 win over the Cowboys. But that violated an NFL policy that prohibits the use of handheld, two-way radios by coaches because those radios cannot be silenced by the game's appointed cut-off switch operator. 

"It was a clear violation of the rules," the Giants said in a statement, "and we accept full responsibility and the penalty."