David Luiz showed off his card trick in the Chelsea locker room and minds were sufficiently blown


Chelsea's David Luiz has now proved there's more to him than a solid - if slightly over-priced - defender.

Check out this post-match magic trick he performed for Chelsea's medical director Paco Biosca.

We found out that David Luiz is a pretty... - Chelsea Football Club | Facebook

Accompanied by team-mates Diego Costa and Eden Hazard, Luiz successfully makes Biosca pick a card and - you guessed it - finds it again at the top of the pile. Minds blown.

As well as being a fascinating insight into what goes on in Chelsea's locker room, the trick also brought all the jokes of course.

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To be clear N'golo Kante is bald (Facebook/Chelsea F.C.)

With Chelsea six points clear at the top of the Premier League table and having conceded fewer goals than any team in the league - 11 in 17 games - Mazin may have a point there.