Golfer Johnston agrees to 'birdie, beer and beef triathlon'


Andrew 'Beef' Johnston jumped at the challenge of entering a triathlon next year but the charismatic golfer will not need to contact the Brownlee brothers for training advice.

Australian golfer Steven Bowditch tweeted Johnston on Wednesday saying he and Boo Weekley would take on the Englishman and a partner of his choice in a 'birdie, beer and beef triathlon'.

The larger-than-life Johnston has never made any secret of his love of food and a beer, so the Londoner wasted no time in accepting and nominating another colourful character in the form of John Daly as his partner.

That was music to the ears of Bowditch, who did not shed any light on an exact format for what promises to be an alternative multi-discipline event.

Johnston, who has emerged as a huge fans' favourite and earned a PGA Tour card for 2017, quipped that the 'triathlon' is "a disaster waiting to happen" and suggested a showdown over nine holes.

Survival of the fittest it may not be, but it sounds like a significant endurance test of a very different nature which may not all go swimmingly.