Sale did nothing wrong in Solomona acquisition - Diamond


Sale Sharks director of rugby Steve Diamond says the Premiership club did nothing wrong in signing former Castleford Tigers man Denny Solomona, who is facing legal action from the Super League outfit.

Solomona was confirmed as a Sale player on a three-year deal on Tuesday, having informed Castleford that he had retired from rugby league.

Castleford rejected three offers for Solomona prior to his pre-season no show and are seeking damages from the Samoa winger, his agent and Sale.

But Diamond insists Solomona was there for the taking.

"I don't think we've done anything wrong at all to be honest," he said. "Players have agents and they put the players up on the marketplace.

"Let's get it straight: there were other clubs in for Denny and there were at least two rugby union clubs I know of that were in the market to sign him.

"I think the situation has been blown out of proportion. These things happen in sport almost every week where players move around and yes, we're at a point now where we're at an impasse - but I'm sure that'll be ironed out before too long.

"It's in the hands of the owners of the clubs, it's nothing to do with me really."

Announcing the opening of legal proceedings, Castleford chief executive Steve Gill said in a statement: "Unfortunately we are not privy to what has happened over the last three months between Solomona and his agent but on the back of losing the player in the circumstances described and now announced by Sale Sharks we confirm that today we have issued proceedings out of the High Court in Leeds for damages against Denny Solomona for breach of contract (dated 20 November 2015) and for damages including exemplary damages against Sale Sharks Ltd & Andrew Clarke (Solomona's agent) for inducing breach of the said contract.

"The proceedings have been issued as a last resort having failed over the last couple of weeks to try and resolve matters without the formality of court proceedings.

"We have confidence that the legal system will bring out all of the facts and the truth. We are fighting this not just for Castleford Tigers but also for the integrity of all sports including of course Rugby Union clubs.

"Our belief is that all contracts are sacrosanct in professional & amateur sports."

Solomona scored a Super League record 40 tries for the Tigers in 2016.