Marseille stump up for 160 fans' Dijon stays


Marseille paid for the accommodation of 160 supporters after their away match against Dijon was postponed on Friday.

Thick fog at the Stade Gaston Gerard resulted in the Ligue 1 fixture being moved to Saturday, with disappointed travelling fans facing a late trip in excess of four hours back to the south coast.

However, their commitment to the club was rewarded, with Marseille paying for the overnight stays of a large contingent of their followers.

"A thought for the Marseille supporters who came out for #DFCOOM," Marseille posted on Twitter following news of the postponement, before later adding: "OM will pay for the accommodation of 160 fans from Marseille to attend #DFCOOM."

President Jacques-Henri Eyraud added in a post of his own: "Go home when the game is moved to the following day? Not on my watch.

"Marseille fans, we have need of you tomorrow [Saturday]. Good night to all!"